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Friday: 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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All Vegan, Food Truck, American

2440 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125


  • Quick Cup Hot Coffee16oz Dark Roast from Caphe Roasters$4.75
  • Vietnamese Iced CoffeeCaphe Roasters espresso, house-made sweetened condensed coconut milk & ice$6.95Out of stock
  • Cold Brew Coffee16oz. Dark Roast from Caphe Roasters$5.25Out of stock


  • Regular Bottled Water$1.83
  • Agua FrescasLime soda. Made from whole fruit and cane sugar with ice. 16oz.$4.75Out of stock


  • Calabrian Chili Cheese Whiz (16oz Bottle)Calabrian Chili Cheese Whiz (16oz Bottle)$20.00
  • Algorithm T-Shirt "The Protector"Get your very own Algorithm t-shirt!$40.95
  • Algorithm T-Shirt "The Family"Get your very own Algorithm t-shirt!$40.95
  • Beet Ketchup (16oz Bottle)Beet Ketchup (16oz Bottle)$16.00
  • Truck Sauce (16oz Bottle)Truck Sauce (16oz Bottle)$16.00


  • Side SaucesChoose from our signature beet ketchup or truck sauce$0.85
  • Plain Fries‘Nuff said. Choice of beet ketchup or truck sauce$5.95Out of stock
  • Korean BBQ FriesKorean BBQ sauce, sesame seeds & furikake$6.50Out of stock
  • Popular
    Calabrian Chili Whiz FriesClassic cheese fries$6.95Out of stock


  • The Libertine BurgerHouse burger with bacon, pickled jalapeño, cheddar cheese, red onion jam, shredded green leaf, and pickled pico de gallo on a sweet potato bun. Allergen info: Citrus (cannot be removed); Soy free without bacon; Allium free without pickled pico de gallo or red onion jam; Capsaicin free without jalapenos or pickled pico de gallo$12.25
  • Popular
    The CheesesteaksSteak-spiced seitan with calabrian chili whiz, mushrooms & onions on a long roll. Choose “Keep It Philly” (as is), or “Wake & Steak” (add eggs & hash browns)$12.95
  • ReubenCorned beef with swiss cheese, carrot sauerkraut and beet Russian dressing on Merzbacher's rye bread. Allergen info: Allium, soy, gluten (cannot be removed)$12.75
  • Breakfast SandwichTofu egg with breakfast sausage, Calabrian chili whiz and a fried hash brown on a sweet potato bun. Allergen info: Gluten, soy (cannot be removed), capsaisin, allium (request no Calabrian chili whiz)$10.95Out of stock
  • Market Grain BowlSoy dressed grains with miso roasted tempeh, apple curtido & tofu egg in a Za’atar oil Allergen info: Allium, sesame, soy (all cannot be removed)$11.95Out of stock
  • Popular
    Nashville HotCrispy fried seitan with grilled scallion slaw, bread & butter pickles & Nashville HOT sauce on a sweet potato bun$12.75Out of stock


  • Philly Combo MealChoose From The Following: Rise & Grind - Breakfast Sandwich, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Current Sweet Treat Mild - Reuben, Regular Fries with Beet Ketchup & Truck Sauces, Current Sweet Treat Medium - Cheesesteak, Korean BBQ Fries, Current Sweet Treat High - Nashville Hot, Calabrian Chili Whiz Fries, Current Sweet Treat Tacos - The Taco Trio, Current Sweet Treat Cheers!$0.01
  • Crispy Fried Seitan ParmesanItalian Seasoned Seitan Cutlets, Carrot Marinara Sauce & Zesty Tahini Oat Cheese Sauce on a Long Roll. Allergen Info: Allium, Citrus, Soy, Wheat (Gluten).$14.95Out of stock
  • Crispy Fried Seitan NuggsOur Signature Crispy Fried Seitan Nuggs! Choice of Cilantro Ranch, Buffalo Sauce, or Add Both$11.95Out of stock
  • Super Bowl Sunday Seitan Nuggs! Enjoy the Big Game with our signature Crispy Fried Seitan Nuggs! Choice of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 pieces. Choice of Cilantro Ranch and / or Buffalo Sauces. GO BIRDS!$0.01Out of stock

Sweet Treats

  • Vanilla CheesecakeWith Pomegranate Caramel and an Oat Crust. Allergen Info: Coconut, Soy.$5.95Out of stock


  • Huevos Rancheros Tacos (2)Tofu eggs with refried beans, shredded green leaf, pickled pico de gallo, and truck sauce on corn tortillas Allergen info: Allium, capsaicin, citrus, soy (all cannot be removed)$9.95
  • Big Blue Tuna Tacos (2)Watermelon Tuna with Cucumber and Perilla Leaf Salad, and Wasabi Aioli on Corn Tortillas.$9.95
  • Crispy Tofu Tacos (2)Fried tofu with grilled scallion slaw, Korean BBQ sauce, and wasabi aioli on corn tortillas Allergen info: Allium, soy, (cannot be removed); sesame (request no KBBQ sauce). Tofu cooked in a fryer that contains gluten.$9.95Out of stock
  • Taco TrioA badass sampler of all three tacos! One each of Big Blue Tuna, Crispy Tofu and Huevos Rancheros. Allergen info: Allium, capsaicin, citrus, sesame, soy (all cannot be removed); Gluten free; Crispy Tofu Taco cooked in a fryer that contains gluten.$15.95Out of stock