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All Vegan, Food Truck, American

2027 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130


  • Vietnamese Iced CoffeeCaphe Roasters espresso, house-made sweetened condensed coconut milk & ice$5.95
  • Quick Cup Hot Coffee16oz Dark Roast from Caphe Roasters$3.75
  • Cold Brew Coffee16oz. Dark Roast from Caphe Roasters$4.25


  • Agua FrescasLime or watermelon. Made from whole fruit and cane sugar with ice. 16oz.$3.75
  • Regular Bottled Water$1.83


  • Calabrian Chili Cheese Whiz (16oz Bottle)Calabrian Chili Cheese Whiz (16oz Bottle)$20.00
  • Beet Ketchup (16oz Bottle)Beet Ketchup (16oz Bottle)$16.00
  • Truck Sauce (16oz Bottle)Truck Sauce (16oz Bottle)$16.00


  • Side SaucesChoose from our signature beet ketchup or truck sauce$0.85
  • Plain Fries‘Nuff said. Choice of beet ketchup or truck sauce$5.25
  • Korean BBQ FriesKorean BBQ sauce, sesame seeds & furikake$5.75
  • Popular
    Calabrian Chili Whiz FriesClassic cheese fries$6.25


  • The Libertine BurgerHouse burger with bacon, pickled jalapeño, cheddar cheese, red onion jam, shredded green leaf, and pickled pico de gallo on a sweet potato bun. Allergen info: Citrus (cannot be removed); Soy free without bacon; Allium free without pickled pico de gallo or red onion jam; Capsaicin free without jalapenos or pickled pico de gallo$11.25
  • Breakfast SandwichTofu egg with breakfast sausage, Calabrian chili whiz and a fried hash brown on a sweet potato bun. Allergen info: Gluten, soy (cannot be removed), capsaisin, allium (request no Calabrian chili whiz)$9.95
  • Popular
    The CheesesteaksSteak-spiced seitan with calabrian chili whiz, mushrooms & onions on a long roll. Choose “Keep It Philly” (as is), or “Wake & Steak” (add eggs & hash browns)$11.95
  • ReubenCorned beef with swiss cheese, carrot sauerkraut and beet Russian dressing on Merzbacher's rye bread. Allergen info: Allium, soy, gluten (cannot be removed)$11.75
  • Popular
    Nashville HotCrispy fried seitan with grilled scallion slaw, bread & butter pickles & Nashville HOT sauce on a sweet potato bun$11.75
  • Market Grain BowlSoy dressed grains with miso roasted tempeh, apple curtido & tofu egg in a Za’atar oil Allergen info: Allium, sesame, soy (all cannot be removed)$10.95Out of stock


  • GobblerMarinated turkey, jalapeño cornbread stuffing & cranberry mustard on a long roll Allergen info: Gluten, soy, allium, capsaicin (cannot be removed)$12.95


  • Pumpkin Spice Bread PuddingServed with sweetened condensed coconut milk$5.75


  • The Tour Of FourA badass sampler of all four tacos! One each of Big Blue Tuna, Crispy Tofu, Huevos Rancheros, and Roasted Tempeh. Allergen info: Allium, capsaicin, citrus, sesame, soy (all cannot be removed); Gluten free; Crispy Tofu Taco cooked in a fryer that contains gluten.$19.95
  • Crispy Tofu Tacos (2)Fried tofu with grilled scallion slaw, Korean BBQ sauce, and wasabi aioli on corn tortillas Allergen info: Allium, soy, (cannot be removed); sesame (request no KBBQ sauce). Tofu cooked in a fryer that contains gluten.$9.25
  • Huevos Rancheros Tacos (2)Tofu eggs with refried beans, shredded green leaf, pickled pico de gallo, and truck sauce on corn tortillas Allergen info: Allium, capsaicin, citrus, soy (all cannot be removed)$9.23
  • Big Blue Tacos (2)Watermelon "tuna" with cucumber, green leaf lettuce, and wasabi aioli on corn tortillas. Allergen info: capsaicin, citrus, sesame, soy (all cannot be removed)$9.25
  • Big Blue Tuna Tacos (2)Watermelon Tuna with Cucumber and Perilla Leaf Salad, and Wasabi Aioli on Corn Tortillas.$9.25
  • Roasted Tempeh TacosMiso roasted tempeh with apple curtido & curry mayo on corn tortillas Allergen info: Allium, capsaicin, citrus, soy (all cannot be removed)$9.25Out of stock