ekta indian cuisine university city

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  • Gobi ManchurianBatter fried Cauliflower chunks sautéed with onion, ginger and touch of garlic$6.99
  • ChandrakalaWhite flour dumplings filled with Dry fruits and fresh coconut and fried$4.99
  • Onion BhajiOnions, spinach, potatoes dipped in gram flour and fried$3.99
  • Veg. SamosaCrispy Flour pastry with Potatoes and Peas (2pcs)$3.99
  • Tandoori RotiWhole wheat plain bread$3.00


  • Masaladar ChholaChick Peas cooked with onion and tomato sauce, pomegranate seeds and roasted cumin seed$12.49
  • Baigan BhartaSmoked eggplant cooked with fresh onion, tomato,green peas and chopped ginger$12.49
  • Bhindi MasalaOkra cooked with onion, tomato sauce, chopped ginger and pomegranate seed$13.49
  • Alu GobiCauliflower, potato cooked with onion, tomato and herbs$12.49