fitz on 4th

Sunday: 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Thursday: 4:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Friday: 4:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Saturday: 4:00 PM - 11:30 PM

All Vegan, Upscale Dining, Bar

743 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147


  • Nachossmashed black beans, tomatoes, onion, quinoa, pecan "meat", & jalapeño crema, topped with house-made Cheezy Sauce & guacamole$15.00
  • Tacoscorn tortillas with roasted veg, black beans, cheddar "cheese" & house-made chayote slaw, served with mango & jalapeño crema$10.00
  • Crab Cakeserved with lemon remoulade on a bed of bell pepper & corn relish ***CANNOT BE MADE GLUTEN FREE***$13.00
  • Mac & CheeseFitz on 4th favorite pasta with house-made Cheezy Sauce, baked with breadcrumbs & "parmesan"$14.00
  • Philly Slidersautéed jackfruit blend, house-made Cheezy Sauce, tomato marmalade & house-made pickles$12.00
  • Empanadaa baby step to a plant-based diet, made daily, topped with mango & avocado crema$12.00
  • Friesingerlings tossed with aleppo pepper, served with house-made ketchup$8.00


  • Berry Trifleberry trifle layered with decadent chocolate cake, flax seed pudding, fresh berries, topped with lemon curd kreem$11.00
  • Baklavaaalayers of vegan filo with a rich blend of agave soaked walnuts baked to perfection$11.00
  • Carrot CakeGramma Alberta’s New England style cake made vegan…$10.00
  • MaamoulPistachio sugar cookies$9.00


  • Extra Slider$5.00
  • Extra Taco$5.00
  • Side Sauce$2.00
  • Bread$5.00


  • Farmmixed market greens, pepitas, lentils & radish, tossed with coarse mustard & tofu vinaigrette$12.00
  • Choppedlocal seasonal greens & roasted root vegetables, tossed with your choice of dressing$11.00
  • Beetsserved with lemon feta & house-made pickled onions$12.00


  • Green Goddess Toastlocal fresh baked bread with avocado, green onion & spring pea, topped with slivered radish and pistachio$10.00
  • Avocadofried crisp, served on a bed of greens with lime vinaigrette & citrusy pico de gallo of the day$9.00
  • Rigotcha Toasthouse-made cashew ricotta served with hearty toasted garlic & agave focaccia$12.00
  • Lentil Meatballspan-fried crisp, served with house-made tzatziki sauce$11.00
  • Cauliflowergrilled to perfection & tossed with sweet chili sauce$11.00
  • Eggplantpan-roasted, tossed with a blend of Asian spices & served with sweet Thai rice$9.00
  • FocacciaToasted crisp with whipped agave spread$6.00


  • Lia's Lavender LemonadeOur most popular mocktail. A light lavender-infused creation with sparkling water, lemon, and a lavender sprig$9.00
  • Garden SpritzA twist on the refreshing cocktail. Mason’s Garden fresh cucumber, sparkling water, muddled basil & lemon$9.00
  • Fitz - Less EclipseYour daily dose of veggies in a glass Carrot juice, lemon, agave, garnished with Italian parsley$9.00
  • Strawberry Basil FizzA berry basil fizz with strawberry, raspberry, basil and lime$9.00


  • Mushroom PastaAn array of locally foraged mushrooms tossed with a mixed-herb garlic olive oil sauce and cashew parmesan over cavatappi$15.00
  • Rigs & Tomatoesroasted tomatoes, spicy "sausage", shallots & garlic, topped with Rigotcha$14.00
  • DitaliniKale & walnut pesto, served on a bed of charred spring onions, accented with lemon zest$15.00
  • Pink Pennecreamy beet sauce with Rigotcha, toasted walnuts & a hint of lemon$14.00


  • Chef Special$22.00
  • Marinara$18.00
  • Bianca$18.00
  • Marg$18.00