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Vegetarian, Comfort Food, American

1425 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125


  • Saratoga Sparkling Water$2.50
  • Saratoga Still Water$1.25
  • Tangerine LaCroix$2.00
  • Lemon LaCroix$2.00


  • Popular
    Za'atar FriesOur hand cut fries tossed in house za'atar seasoning and served with toum$6.00
  • Popular
    Hand Cut FriesChoice of dipping sauce$5.00


  • Antipastomixed greens with olives, capers, pepperoncini, spiced carrots, herbs, crispy chickpeas, vegan tofu "feta" & creamy Italian dressing$9.00
  • Popular
    Cauliflowermixed greens, charred cauliflower, capers, quinoa, herbs, vegan "feta" & tahini dressing$9.00


  • Popular
    Special! Patty MeltSmashed impossible patty served with caramelized onions, pickles, pom pom sauce on merzbacher's rye bread. Daiya non dairy cheese to keep this vegan.$11.00
  • Popular
    Impossible Smash BurgerSmashed Impossible Burger (version 2.0), vegan cheddar, burnt onions, pickles & house mayo on a merzbacher's sweet potato or gluten free bun$10.00
  • Chopped CheeseChopped impossible burger with butternut squash cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Mayo and optional hot sauce on an amoroso roll. vegan.$11.00
  • House Black Bean BurgerHouse black bean, tofu & quinoa patty, vegan American, pickles & house mayo on a merzbacher's sweet potato or gluten free bun$9.50
  • Griddled Greens MeltBraised greens, sauerkraut, garlic, caraway with vegan cheese on merzbacher's rye$10.00
  • T.S.B.D."The same but double" 2x impossible (v 2.0) patties with burnt onions, vegan cheese, pickles, house mayo on merzbacher's sweet potato (vegan) or gluten free bun (also vegan)$14.00Popular
  • special! MB,L,Tlocally foraged maitake (hen of the woods) mushrooms are marinated overnight in our bacon marinade and grilled to order with umami-spiced tomato, butter lettuce, house aioli on grilled potato bread. vegan.$12.00Out of stock
  • special! brussels sprouts tacosfried brussels sprouts tossed in a *fish sauce vin with spicy peanut butter, cilantro, onion, lime and candied pepitas inside flour tortillas. 2 per order. vegan. *vegan fish sauce$7.00Out of stock
  • special! butternut squash al pastor tacosroasted butternut squash and pineapple given the al pastor spice treatment with aquafaba, salsa verde, cilantro, onion. lime inside flour tortillas. 2 per order. vegan.$7.00Out of stock
  • Special! Cubanomarinated and griddled celeriac, pulled portobello mushrooms, "stacker-cut" pickles, french's yellow mustard with non-dairy cheese on pressed merzbacher's brioche. contains soy. vegan$13.00Out of stock
  • special! grilled lemongrass tofu banh mimarinated and grilled tofu planks with cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, chickpea pâté, kewpie-ish mayo on an amoroso roll. vegan.$11.00Out of stock
  • special! peanut butter burgerimpossible smashed burger on merzbacher's sweet potato brioche with mayo, burnt onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle and gado gado peanut dressing. vegan.$9.00Out of stock
  • special! broccoli rabe hoagiebroccoli rabe with olives, pepperoncini, pickled long hots, and marinated tofu/violife parm on a marinated white bean mash in an amoroso roll. vegan$11.00Out of stock
  • special! griddled yuba meltmarinated and griddled yuba (tofu skin) with horsey mayo, butternut whiz and 10 gallon hat bbq sauce on a merzbacher's sweet potato brioche. vegan.$11.00Out of stock
  • special! BBQ pulled portoroasted and pulled mushrooms in our sweet baby pom's BBQ sauce with house mayo, pickles and coleslaw on a merzbacher's sweet potato brioche. vegan.$11.00Out of stock
  • special! fried shrimp po' boyLocally foraged and cornmeal-crusted shrimp of the woods mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, pickle and cajun remoulade on an amoroso roll. vegan.$12.00Out of stock
  • special! gobbler v 1.0tahini and miso marinated and grilled white sweet potato, fried brussels sprouts, charred cranberry mostarda, aioli on an amoroso roll. vegan.$10.00Out of stock
  • Special! Impossible Kofta HoagieImpossible kofta with toum, beet-pickled turnips, a fattoush-like salad, pomegranate vin, za'atar on an amoroso roll. vegan.$11.00Out of stock
  • special! broccoli cheese burritoroasted broccoli crowns, butternut cheese, frijoles refritos, rice, cabbage, pickled serranos in a flour tortilla. vegan$9.00Out of stock
  • special! yuba french dipmarinated yuba and shitake mushrooms, horseradish mayo on an amoroso roll. served with black garlic-mushroom jus. vegan.$12.00Out of stock
  • special! chickpea cutlet with jimmy nardelloscutlet made with chickpeas and vital wheat gluten with escarole, jimmy nardello peppers, ramp ranch and umami spice on an amoroso roll. vegan.$10.00Out of stock
  • special! broccoli falafel hoagie4 broccoli falafel patties on an amoroso roll with house toum, beet-pickled turnips, cabbage, long hot zhoug and za'atar. vegan. delicious.$11.00Out of stock


  • Butternut Mac and CheeseSquash and cashew cream sauce, orecchiette$6.00
  • Molé ChiliServed with Fritos on top. NO sour cream$5.00
  • special! watermelon gazpachoskc's recipe for this cold soup. a little spicy with lots of dill. vegan.$6.00Out of stock

Sweet Things

  • Brookie BarVegan from Crust Bakery$4.25