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Sushi, Japanese, Ramen

228 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


  • Steamed Veggie Gyoza (6pcs)*can't be made gluten-free$8.00
  • Veggie Bun (2pcs)*can't be made gluten-free$8.00
  • Edamame$6.00


  • SodaChoice of Coca Cola, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Diet Coke$3.00
  • Iced Green Tea$3.00
  • S.Pellegrino$4.00
  • Spring Water$5.00
  • Green Tea$2.00
  • Iced Tea$3.00


  • Vegan PokeVegan tuna, avocado, selected veggies & pickles *can't be made gluten-free$16.00


  • Vegan MochiIced Cream Wrap with rice cake$3.00

Inari Sushi

  • Spicy Vegan Tuna Inari (1pcs)*can't be made gluten-free$5.00


  • Udon Ramen (Specify Vegan)Soy base, shiitake, nitamago, bamboo shoot, black fungus, inari, red ginger, scallion.$12.00
  • Vegan Yasai RamenSoybean & vegetable broth, black garlic oil, seitan teriyaki, tofu, bamboo shoot, shiitake, black fungus, red ginger and scallion$15.00
  • Vegan Miso Ramen (Gluten-free available)Miso base, shiitake, inari, tofu, bamboo shoot, black fungus, red ginger, scallion$14.00
  • Vegan Shoyu RamenSoy base, shiitake, inari, tofu, bamboo shoot, black fungus, red ginger, scallion$14.00Popular


  • Green SaladMixed greens, cherry tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, house-made ginger dressing *can't be made gluten-free$5.00
  • Avocado SaladMixed greens, avocado, cherry tomato, cucmber, bell pepper, carrot, ginger dressing *can't be made gluten-free$8.00
  • Seaweed SaladMarinated seaweed, sesame$5.00

Sashimi Appetizers

  • Naruto Vegan (4)Selected veggies & pickles in cucumber wrap. Specify any allergies in notes. *can't be made gluten-free$12.00


  • Kai DamaExtra noodles$4.00
  • Oshinko Appetizer$7.00
  • Extra Soy Sauce$0.00
  • Extra Ginger$0.00
  • Extra Wasabi$0.00
  • Gf Soy Sauce$0.00
  • Extra Broth$4.00
  • Sushi Rice$3.00
  • White RIce$2.00
  • Guacamole$2.00

Vegan Rolls

  • Popular
    Vegan Green Dragon (8pcs)vegan eel (eggplant), asparagus, coconut flakes, topped with avocado, sweet soy drizzle, & crispy onions *can't be made gluten-free$13.00
  • Vegan Tomo Roll (8pcs)Spicy vegan tuna, avocado, cilantro, topped with seared vegan tuna. *can't be made gluten-free$15.00
  • Guacarollie (8pcs)Vegan cream cheese, vegan spicy tuna, topped with guacamole *can't be made gluten-free$13.00
  • Popular
    Harvest (8pcs)Shiitake, avocado, shibazuke, crispy onions, topped with sweet potatoes & coconut flakes$14.00
  • Popular
    Chao (8pcs)Shitake, vegan cream cheese, avocado, topped with seared vegan chao cheese & scallion$13.00
  • Straw-Veggie (8pcs)Oshinko, kanpyo, shibazuke, avocado, topped with strawberry & unagi sauce$12.00
  • Popular
    Spicy Vegan Tuna Roll (6pcs)Marinated tomato, spicy sauce *can't be made gluten-free$9.00
  • Lime Sinko (8pcs)Cucumber, avocado, topped with oshinko & lime$11.00
  • Popular
    Midori (8pcs)Mixed pickles & veggies, topped with avocado$11.00
  • Vegan Red Dragon (8pcs)spicy vegan tuna, avocado, topped with vegan eel (eggplant) *can't be made gluten-free$14.00Popular
  • Vegan Cheesesteak RollBraised steak (seitan), cucumber, oshinko, topped with Chao cheese & fried onion$15.00
  • Kanpyo Roll (6pcs)Seasoned gourd strips *can't be made gluten-free$5.00
  • Shiitake Mushroom Roll (6pcs)*can't be made gluten-free$5.00
  • Umeshiso Kappa (6pcs)Plum paste, oba, cucumber$5.00
  • Oshinko Roll (6pcs)Pickled radish$5.00
  • Vegan On Fire Roll (8pcs)$13.00
  • Cucumber Roll (6pcs)$5.00
  • Avocado Roll (6pcs)$6.00